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Shuter Babuza Green Factory – Construction to commence early 2017!

We have been featured in Shuter Magazine’s recent newsletter! and we are so honored! Quick summary below:

From late 2014 it has been a long but exciting journey for WA. Firstly designing an submitting a competition proposal based on the concept of a collection of three banyan trees, their canopy creating the permeable eco-skin and  central core, the trunk sculpturally interpreted in timber rising 30 metres and weaving as would branches throughout the length of the 100 metre long building.

The strength of the design concept in conjunction with our passion and sincerity saw our bronze competition placing elevated to a commission to finally deliver the developed design to the local architect in April 2016. This was achieved in the face of serious competition from a number of international architects including Sou Fujimoto, CDI, and Mecanoo.

The unique WA design process relied on the engagement with the Shuter Babuza design committee and a ever increasing number of consultants and suppliers from Canada, New Zealand, Austria, Japan, China, Taiwan and Australia in what was truely an international design collaborative. Exciting times and and one that we hope culminates in the selection of a D&C contractor in November/December 2016 for construction commencement in early 2017.


If you wish to view the whole newsletter, please feel free to click here to download! p.s. If you are not bi-lingual – don’t stress, our section is also in english! go straight to page 7 and 8!

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